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Hello Happiness Strategists!

While working on my new project I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed writing about happiness.

What’ve I been doing? Creating resources for people who want to be more organized, that’s what! Come check it out:

Right now you get a free Personal Planning Pack just for subscribing to the Get Organized Tips newsletter (which costs nothing) – so be sure to sign up.

The Get Organized Tips newsletter offers regular tips, tools & techniques for organizing your whole life. Yep – not just home or family or office, but the entire 360 degrees, including:

  • Personal Development
  • Health & Fitness
  • Career & Work
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Managing Technology
  • Home
  • Personal Presentation
  • Strategies for Happiness (one of my fave topics!)
  • Money & Finance
  • Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Family

Personal Planning Pack The Personal Planning Pack contains 13 goal and project planners, schedules, weekly and daily organizers, master lists, and lots more. These easy-to-print tools are color PDFs – they look great whether printed in color or in black and white.

So don’t miss out!

There’s still lots to do for my new product, but I haven’t forgotten about my Happiness buds – and I have plenty more resources planned for you guys in the future.

Til then, choose to be happy – and you will be. 🙂

Ciao for now,

By Michele Connolly

Choose to be happier – and you will be.

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