Get Organized Cost-Effectively

The very special New Year’s Resolution prices over at Get Organized Wizard have been extremely popular! But the specials end this week. If you’d like to get more organized or goal focused, you may be interested in our two most popular tools: Life MakeOver Journal is your month-by-month tool for setting SMART goals across all… Continue reading Get Organized Cost-Effectively

A Happier Year Ahead

Are you planning to be happier in 2009? If it’s your goal to boost your happiness over the next year, you’ll find some some ideas  for what to focus on  in the post  How to be Organized in 2009: Day 8 – Strategies for Happiness  at my Get Organized Wizard blog. Ideas for goals include:… Continue reading A Happier Year Ahead

Get organized for happiness!

Hello Happiness Strategists! While working on my new project I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed writing about happiness. What’ve I been doing? Creating resources for people who want to be more organized, that’s what! Come check it out: Right now you get a free Personal Planning Pack just for subscribing to the Get Organized… Continue reading Get organized for happiness!