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Being happy is good for you and everyone around you. If you’re happy you’re more likely to be mentally and physically healthy, cope well, be resilient, enjoy work, have good relationships and like yourself more.

Here at Happiness Strategies you’ll find resources to help you get happier. There are research findings,media report summaries, self-help ideas and the odd humorous take on happiness. There’s lots to explore!


101 Happiness Strategies

These ‘lessons’ contain interesting research about happiness and wellbeing. Along with each lesson is a strategy you can apply for yourself to move toward a happier life.

How NOT to be Happy

Want to cling to misery despite evidence that being happier is possible and valuable? Follow these tips, and happiness is sure to become be a thing of the past!

Getting organized

Being happy has much to do with taking charge of your happiness. And that’s easier if your life is in some order. These steps will help you make a start at clearing the clutter.


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