NEW eBook – How to be Wise and Happy


image I’ve just released a little eBook called

How to be Wise & Happy
Happiness strategies inspired by
history’s wisest philosophers

How to be Wise & Happy looks at the happiness philosophies of 5 great philosophers and uses that wisdom to suggest modern-day strategies for happiness. Plus there’s a bonus section containing happiness insights from 4 modern wise women.

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Here are a few of the philosopher-inspired happiness strategies.

Inspired by the philosophy of Epicurus –

Many people think success without love would be empty, yet neglect to nurture their friendships or think pro-actively about who they value as friends. Making friendship a life priority can help protect the precious attachments that contribute so much to our happiness.

Inspired by the philosophy of Socrates –

By looking back at which decisions have brought you long-term happiness and which have eventually left you feeling regret, you can deepen your self-knowledge.

Inspired by the philosophy of Schopenhauer –

If we accept that happiness is not automatic, then it puts the onus on us to find and create happiness for ourselves. We can take a more active approach to designing a pleasing life for ourselves.

By Michele Connolly

Choose to be happier – and you will be.

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