4 Steps to better resolutions for a happier new year – Step 1

Planning to make some changes in 2008? Be prepared that unrealistic resolutions can really take the fun out of starting a new year. If you expect too much too soon, the January 1 spring-in-your-step as you picture your best year ever can quickly turn into a familiar feeling of here we go again.

To avoid setting yourself up for disappointment as the first blush of January fades, try this 4-step approach to setting achievable goals in 2008.

Step 1. Run a reality check

imageEver had a new year’s resolution to lose 25 pounds before February? Or clean out 20 years worth of junk and clutter by January 2?

Often we think we’ve failed at our goals and we blame our lack of willpower. Feeling inadequate makes it less likely we’ll try again – or if we do, we start off down on ourselves and don’t get far. But usually the truth is that we had outlandish expectations to begin with.

Don’t doom yourself to failure – choose sensible targets for achieving the goals you set for 2008. What’s a sensible target? Find out! Check out the web, friends, books or magazines – or ring an expert and ask them.

How long does it take to:

  • Reach your goal weight – considering your age, fitness and current weight?
    Ask a fitness trainer.
  • Find a new job – given your industry, experience and the market?
    Check with a recruitment consultant.
  • Save for your new home/car/holiday – taking into account your salary and debt level?
    Talk to an accountant or financial planner.

Setting a goal that’s realistic is the first step to making this the year you achieve it!

Tomorrow: Step 2. Translate ‘what’ into ‘when’.

Image by NRONGA under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

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By Michele Connolly

Choose to be happier – and you will be.

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