Happiness Life Strategy: Remembering the roses on your thorn-bush

image Only last Tuesday I was savoring the joy of getting jiggy with Ziggy (my black iPod Video 30) on this blog. But as of yesterday, he is no more.

l often listened to Ziggy while doing chores, tucking him into my shoulder strap if I didn’t have a pocket. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

There I was, belting out Bob Sinclar’s Rock This Party. I reached across to straighten something in the bathroom, thinking as I did, I’d better not do that – Ziggy could fall into the toilet – but before I could finish the thought he’d plopped right in. I quickly fished him out and dried him off but alas, my efforts at resuscitation were futile.

(I have no words of wisdom to mark Ziggy’s drowning. I can only post this note to commemorate him. He was a much-loved gadget, a noble gadget, and he shall be missed. *sniff*)

imageBut life goes on – as do music, audiobooks and podcasts. So today I’d like to introduce Ziggy Jr.

He’s a Nano – 8G, black, and with that gorgeous Cover Flow that almost makes the audio redundant. I went for sleek teeniness and sacrificed space – so there’ll be a period of adjustment as I learn to have only 8G with me at a time.

ONLY 8G! I remember having a SONY Walkman (that’s a cassette player people!). It was such a pleasure to have music on the go that I never thought anything of having to rotate tapes.

Happiness life strategy

Which brings me to a very valuable happiness strategy: picking the happy brain filter – the part of any situation, person or thing we focus on. As Abe Lincoln said:

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,
or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses

(Dang that was a smart president! Remember when presidents used to be smart?)

There are always thorns – it’s part of what makes this life and not heaven (however you conceive each to be). But don’t let thorns blind you to the magnificent blooming thing hiding there at the end of the stem.

Ziggy Jr is a tiny work of art, a truly beautiful union of function and form – and I already love him. So what if I have to limit my mobile audiobooks, podcasts and playlists to 8G at a time? So what if I have to do a little manipulation when I sync? I’ll get used to it.

And if I don’t – well, there are always gardening gloves.

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Image by by saroz under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

By Michele Connolly

Choose to be happier – and you will be.


  1. I started out researching positive attitudes and happiness and read a lot of what you have written. However I shall post on this entry as I think it sums everything up nicely… optimisim in action. I had forgotten about the Walkman and what you said is so true about having to change the tape and not being bothered by it. A good analogy that I plan to use in future. Thank you for your insight.

  2. Hi Will,

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    I’ve found optimism to be a lesson I have to keep learning – it’s so easy to fall back into old negative habits.

    Thank you for reminding me!

    Warm regards,

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