People are so nice!

In one of those ‘gifts with purchase’ from Estee Lauder* I received a lipstick in a shade I loved. Alas, on only the second use it broke. I took it back to the department store counter but, since it was a promotional item, all I was offered in replacement was a tester. A used one.

Long story short, I contacted the company’s HO and they were happy to send me a replacement. For quality testing they asked me to drop the broken one off at the department store counter.

When I went there today with the broken lippie, the lady** I’d spoken to previously rushed to her bag and pulled out her own unused lipstick from the gift, and offered it to me. She’d brought it to the store in the hope I’d return soon. Can you believe it?

I assured her there was one on the way for me, but I felt like I got a second gift anyway.

People are so nice. 

*Not real company. Real company was Elizabeth Arden.

**Don’t know if she was a lady, but her name was Sharon.

By Michele Connolly

Choose to be happier – and you will be.

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