Stuff that makes me happy – Devices

iPac (named Xac)
I take this everywhere. It’s my diary, to-do list, address book and post-it pad. It’s old now and no longer available, but I’m waiting for HP to bring out a mobile PDA using Windows on a 3G network (Optus?) before I upgrade. I’ve added SPB Pocket Plus, which makes it look way pretty and allows one-handed navigation. I’ve also set it up for one-click to record audio memos (which, although a great idea, I never seem to do) and another to open a new note (which I do all the time – think I’ll do one now: another goal list, perhaps?). I feel like producto-Girl. Just need a geeky cape.

iPod (named Xiggy)
I have a black 30G video. I rarely use the video, but I’m pretty much at capacity with music and podcasts. I listen to podcasts whenever I’m doing brainless stuff – making the bed, brushing my teeth, loading/unloading the dishwasher, doing errands. I feel like I learn heaps without taking any time out of my day.

Laptop (named Xander)
I’ve had my XPS for about a year. It helped me write my thesis on happiness last year and it’s helping me turn that into a book this year. It’s like the perfect amanuensis – assisting me to plan, executive and review all my projects. Apart from Microsoft Office (love 2007), Word (so don’t love2007 – have they dummified it?) and OneNote, I use iTunes for music and podcasts, LeechGet for downloads, SPSS & AMOS for stats analysis and I have a mindmap program that I won’t mention because I think it’s overpriced and overfunctioned.

These are my 3 amigos. Just looking at them and thinking of all the good times we’ve shared makes me smile. Now where’s that cape?


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