Happiness conference – Reflections 1

Last month I attended the Happiness & its Causes conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney. Laid low by the flu since then, I’ve been pondering the experience – the speakers, the content, and even some of the little happenings that peppered the 4-day happ-stravaganza.

One such tidbit was my ‘psyching in’ for the experience on Day 1. I was on a peak-hour train overcrowded with serious-looking people, many of whom were coughing, sneezing and otherwise being overgenerous with their snotular fluids. It was bad enough that I couldn’t avoid their germs (no doubt where I picked up my bug), but I figured I didn’t have to let their morose vibe infect me too – I was headed to a happiness conference for goodness sake.

So I did what any child of the 80s does when mood management is called for – I got out my iPod, found my 80s playlist (OK, one of many such), and immersed myself in “Theme from Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not)” by Joey Scarbury. I was immediately smiling, head-nodding, lipsyncing (a particular and significant talent of mine) and garnering disturbed looks from my snotular campadres. What larks. I was happiness-ready!

By Michele Connolly

Choose to be happier – and you will be.

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